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About us

Acorn Group is the world’s leading provider of authoritative data, statistics and market intelligence for the Middle Eastern Markets. Acorn is the preeminent source for in-depth business and process analysis. Acorn has been recognized for its innovative and exclusive research solutions design, market intelligence, business intelligence and industry research. Our clients rely on Acorn insights and analysis for their business growth and future regionally & globally.

Acorn Research is a privately held sister company of Acorn Group, an innovative consulting firm headquartered in Ontario Canada. Acorn Research FZ LLC , based in Dubai Healthcare City was established to focus solely on the Middle Eastern market to provide innovative consulting solutions based on research. Acorn Research is now the leading and most innovative Consulting and Market Research firm in the Region.

Acorn delivers solutions through hands-on, personalized service. We offer our clients support and solutions to complex issues. We believe in partnering with our clients every step of the way to provide them with the evaluation, research, planning, design, and implementation of high quality, cost-effective and most important innovative solutions Acorn Research also provides a broad range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology, and quality management, and is committed to delivering results that endure. Acorn consultants possess strong capabilities and broad experience assisting clients in assessing their current environment, formulating new and creative tactical and strategic alternatives, and implementing positive change. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive healthcare, banking, energy, telecommunications and technology management experience.

Our People

Acorn Research people stand apart. Focused on creating tangible, lasting value in everything they do, our people are guided by a simple rule: help clients succeed and excel.

Acorn’s team is rich in its diversity of people, cultures and knowledge. Acorn attracts, retains, and develops the best and brightest individuals. Acorn has eighty researchers and thirty consultants and business analysts who focus on diverse regions and how these regions interconnect with the global economy. At Acorn, we know that the interplay of diversity, among ourselves and with our clients, creates a vibrant environment that inspires innovation.

These experts have technical knowhow and market intelligence in Healthcare, Energy, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Real Estate Industries.

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Innovative and Exclusive Initiatives

  • Acorn Research was the first to provide the Health Authority Abu Dhabi with key base line data on various indicators for over 350 Healthcare Facilities in Abu Dhabi
  • Acorn Research was the first to offer the region a comprehensive report on Illicit Drug Trends in Collaboration with the United Nations.
  • Acorn Research was the first in the Middle East to automate the entire research process, offering the most cost effective, fastest and most accurate solution to all clients whom require all types of Market research and Analysis, to include: Industry Data, Customer Satisfaction Research, Syndicated Research, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing Assessment Studies, Due Diligence Reports.
  • Acorn Research was the first in the Middle East to offer our reports and analysis in real time.
  • Acorn Research was the first and is the only company that offers Real-time Research Terminals at the points of experience. Acorn has partnered with Alpha Med to offer for the first time Research terminals in the Pharmacies so that customer walking in, at the point of experience, can give their feedback and views on a wide range of Products. This is especially important for the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Companies.
  • Acorn Research has set a trend for a new era in research: automated research, analysis and reporting in real time. Acorn has also gone a step further, and has since its inception offered research with consultancy. We provide all our clients with all recommendations and a fully executable action plan, with customized workshops when required and enhance the team to adapt to the changes made through the recommendations. This added value has made us the most requested and reliable research firm Regionally and Internationally.