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Acorn Research has launched new training programs based on our clients demands. Trainings will include topics on Artificial Intelligence, Medical Coding, CDI training, Critical Care Training for ER nurses, Pediatric Critical Care Training and CPHQ preparation trainings.

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  • Acorn Research Releases Report on "Health Information Initiatives"

    Examining ways health information and communications technology can accelerate progress towards improved patient outcomes and a genuinely patient-centered health care system.

  • Acorn Research announces Partnership with BinSina Group of Pharmacies

    A first in the world initiative to provide research terminals in the pharmacies at the point of experience of the consumers to gather information on various subjects and products, including customer

  • Acorn Research conducts the first nationwide research on illicit drugs for the Arab Nations

    As one of the first unprecedented initiative to gather data on one of the most challenging arenas in the world, Acorn Research has successfully conducted a nationwide research on illicit drugs for

  • Acorn Research meets clients during Arab Health 2019

    Join us in Arab Health 2019. Acorn will be hosting several meetings during the Arab Health event.