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Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Training

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Fee for 2 day Course


It is a well known issue and constant challenge in the healthcare industry to try to reduce the waste of resources, time and money these errors in medical coding and inaccurate documentation are generating. Unfortunately is it not an easy task to ensure the level of specificity and quality of documentation required to meet the demands of payment programs and coding systems. That’s where Acorn steps in to help its customers with a comprehensive coursework designed for clinical documentation improvement specialists, coding staff and physicians.

Clinical documentation issues can affect all coding or quality activities, which than in turn drive all hospital payments, planning and budgeting decisions and patient outcome measurements. Documentation is the basic foundation at the beginning of all healthcare activities, Therefore it must:

  • Meet all regulatory requirements as written in the latest legislation
  • Support the level and type of service offered by the healthcare facility
  • Describe the patient’s severity of illness in an accurate way

Acorn’s Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Training provides information for clinicians, coders and CDI staff to help them improve documentation in the most efficient and effective manner.

Acorn’s training is also tailored to help physicians and other practitioners understand the necessary documentation elements for high-risk, high-cost, audit-related conditions.

The training will help the involved staff to identify the clinical documentation needed to support an admission, justify a diagnostic work-up, validate treatments and services and accurately record a patient’s severity of illness.

Acorn’s training goes beyond just teaching how to code a condition. It also explains where coding information can be obtained and verified as well as where to look for documentation deficiencies minimize the overall risk scores.

The training will cover all topics from the concept of risk adjustment and how it is calculated, to focusing on specific diagnoses and conditions that can affect the risk scores.

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