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Leading AI since 2009

The Full Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in creating solutions that learn and think similar to humans. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech recognition and Machine Learning Features. AI results in drastic transformations for our clients. We are known for improving productivity, reducing cost and creating new business opportunities.

Our recent Solution, Medica Decison Support Tool for Physcians is disrupting the healthcare industry. With /medica, physcians get access to real time medical necessity guidelines as and when they are treating the patient and entering the diagnosis and services in the hosptial HIS system. This ensures optimal treatments for the patient, better utilization of services and ultimately lower claim denials. This is inline with the objective of value based heatlhcare and cost reduction while improving patient outcomes. 

Acorn Research has a dedicated local and international team of experts in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Fraud Detection, Speech Recognition and Business Process Automation. We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with out clients' business model while reducing costs.

Acorn Research is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, implementing it for the first time in 2009 in an unprecedented project globally for the Government of Abu Dhabi - HAAD. The project, “The Life Expectancy Tool, entailed an advanced simulation of human intelligence processes through computer systems. These processes included the acquisition of information and rules for using the information, reasoning, predictive analytics and an automated system for alerting errors as well as an advanced predictive modeling system.

The project was successfully completed in partnership with global Analytics leaders Versend. This project was named unprecedented globally and was an award winning solution.

If you are a government body, a healthcare organization, an insurance firm, an oil and gas corporation or an educational body, you will benefit immensely from Acorn AI solutions. The primary objective is to save your organization money and increase efficiency through AI.

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