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RCM Management and Innovative CDI solutions

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is the process of reviewing medical record documentation for completeness and accuracy. CDI includes a review of disease process, diagnostic findings, and what the documentation might be missing. We have automated this entire process through the solution development of AI CDI®, originally developed for the Dubai Health Authority.​

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AI Coding®

Uses Robotic Process Automation and natural language processing to extract and code both structured and unstructured EHR data.

Medical coding is one of the most time consuming EHR tasks and on average, 35% of all coding is erroneous leading to lost revenue in many cases.


With AI-powered Medical Coding, Hospitals Can Reduce costs & Increase Revenue.

AI Coding® is Evidence-Based

Backed by CMS and ACDIS international medical guidelines and WHO coding standards.​ Increase Revenue by Capturing Commonly Forgotten Codes​

Reduce Denials by avoiding Incorrect Codes​​

The AI Coding® Reader will read your clinical notes in real-time to provide value-add suggestions.



Our Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) solution combines computer-assisted clinical and physician documentation along with Robotic Process Automation to provide recommendations based on CMS, ACDIS and local documentation guidelines and coding crosswalks to ensure a service rendered is specific to a diagnosis thus improving patient outcomes while reducing denial rates when utilized.

AYM CDI® is Evidence-Based

Backed by CMS and ACDIS international medical guidelines and WHO coding standards.

This leverages objective criteria to support appropriate care and provide defensible documentation for reimbursement.​

The solution significantly improves efficiency, reduces duplicate work, ensures supporting documentation is provided for services ordered and ensures accurate reimbursement, resulting in reduced denials.

Cloud Based and On-Prem Otptions.



Insurance Coverage And Medical Necessity Determination For Physicians - Right From First Time At The Point Of Care.​

Medica® is Evidence-Based

Backed by CMS and ACDIS international and local medical guidelines and WHO or Australian coding standards.

Medica® files contains all the data needed to accurately verify and analyze medical necessity criteria based on the CMS guidelines and local insurance coverage plans (fully customizable) and takes into account historical claims data and is fully customizable. 

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